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  • In moving towards a better business structure to alllow our company more mobility in growth, beginning January 1 2019, we will enact an across-the-board four percent price increase. As of now as this notice is posted the new pricing sheet has not been posted and still under development. Please ask for the current pricing.
  • Our efforts to compete with our high volume competitors have eroded our profits considerably.
  • We hope to continue our excellent relationship with our clients, and assure you our quality of service will reflect a similar increase.
  • We are also notfying of our long standing courtesy of or remote computer I.T. support connections that has been free of charge for so many years, that we regret ,that courtesy will no londer exist and those connections will be disconected and terminated as of January 1st. If you are a customer that is on our monthy service level agreement for maintenance to your camera system; this does not effect your system and will fall under the SLA if it has not been already.
To assist you in your Neighborhood Watch Programs in your area!
Please click on and download our Crime Prevention Tip Sheet

Business & Home security is something to not take lightly, especially given today’s faltering and unstable economy. As people get desperate to make a quick buck some will turn to crime, making our homes, businesses, and families more vulnerable than ever before. That’s why it’s time to take action and be pro-active. Here at Lewis Surveillance can help with our courteous and knowledgeable sales staff to our well-seasoned technicians. Installing a security system can be costly and at times confusing.

At Lewis Surveillance you can build a security system at a cost that won’t break the bank. We feature only the best in security products and technology. These products range in price and some choices are very economical, while others are considered long term investments.

Professional Grade Security Systems

We offer a wide selection of security & cctv cameras including: night vision security cameras, dome security cameras, day and night cctv cameras, IP (network internet protocol) security cameras, Infared cameras, PTZ cameras, b&w cameras, accessories and much more. This is all to meet your demand for any video surveillance application, we offer a wide selection of security dvr's including computers, pc base software, linux and dvr's.  All of our systems allow you to remotely connect to them from anywhere in the world via the internet.

  • Do you have a illegal dumping problem and want to abate that problem?
  • We have various solutions that comes with a design plan hat will abate that problem area the first time around.
  • You will never stop illegal dumping for it will  pop up else where but you can do something to stop in your targeted area.  
  • The key to it which we all know is that you must have arrest of the perpetrators to abate the problem!
For Quick Support to your Camera System please contact us first before going through quick support.
This is service is only activated once a service troubleshoot ticket has been generated by the service support technician that you were in contact with.
From this point you will be given instructions and advised to click on the below icon!
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