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Business & Home security is something to not take lightly, especially given today’s faltering and unstable economy. As people get desperate to make a quick buck some will turn to crime, making our homes, businesses, and families more vulnerable than ever before. That’s why it’s time to take action and be pro-active. Here at Lewis Surveillance can help with our courteous and knowledgeable sales staff to our well-seasoned technicians.

Installing a security system can be costly and at times confusing. At Lewis Surveillance you can build a security system at a cost that won’t break the bank. We feature only the best in security products and technology. These products range in price and some choices are very economical, while others are considered long term investments.

Professional Grade Security Systems

We offer a wide selection of security & cctv cameras including: night vision security cameras, dome security cameras, day and night cctv cameras, IP (network internet protocol) security cameras, Infared cameras, PTZ cameras, b&w cameras, accessories and much more. This is all to meet your demand for any video surveillance application, we offer a wide selection of security dvr's including computers, pc base software, linux and dvr's  All of our systems allow you to remotely connect to them from anwhere in the world vis the internet.

For a limited time until all Service Agreements Plans are rolled out and launched
we are offering our TeamViewer Camera System Quick Support to Computers,
Mobile Phones and Tablets for free for a limited time period.

This service is only for a limited time to mobile phone, tablets and computers
that are that are having connecting issues that
relates to the cameras systemsthat we have installed or running our products.
In some cases we will look at other systems that are not ours.  

Please do not download our Computer Service Support Pack to the Camera System until instructed to do so!!!


All Recology Camera Systems Computers and Laptops are running TeamViewer
and are connnected to us for our quick access automatically unless the the DSL or Broadband are down.

Recology Mobile Phones or Tablets are not connected to us and will have to follow the mobile protocol below.       

Mobile Phone & Tablet Camera System Connecting Issues?
Please go to your app store and download TeamViewer when instructed to.


Live Real-Time Video Feed: of the whole block in The Ranch Developement!

At the personal home of the LS owner we have 24/7 real-time video recording going on within our block and now we have opened up access to to our fellow neighbors as a block watch group. If you live on this particular block which should be regonizable to you and you would like to part of Block Watch which simply put with no extra time involve is "You logon whenever you want to see what is going on our block day or not" just shoot us an email to support@lewissurveillance.com with YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, Mobile # and email we will call you and validate that you live exactly on this particular block!. Home owners here will be able to access our live camera feed on this street as well as search recorded archived video.

If you are a person that does not live on this block would like to see how the cameras function on a limited time basis you can send a request with your info and you will be sent a temporary user and password to enter the camera website.  If you have an interest in setting up a block watch in this manner no matter what neighborhood you are we can assist with that as well as supply the commercial grade cameras to get these quality feeds, you can send the request. As a note you should have 3-4 neighbors interested in doing this. Here are some sample snapshots from one our 180P Camera that not only covers our block but the block down the street.



For access to the cameras you will need to go through our camera webserver to access them. Clink on the link are picture below where you will be sent to the camera login page. As anote about access and after we go through our vetting process we will create a user name and password for you to have access and will explain how to login and what other steps you may need to see the cameras. If you live on our block at some point you will be able to retrieve video and snapshots.   

Here is the link to the camera and instructions will be provided how to access it more once inside.
Mobile phone is the easiest but Its recommended to use a desktop computer for some other devices maynot work.
We offer mobile and computer quick support in some cases.

Below is a sample archived recorded video clip
Click clip to enlarge for better viewing.
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